Relumin Moisturizing Lotion



This intensive moisturizing lotion is a non-greasy, light moisturiser that helps the skin retain moisture and repair its natural barrier. Our moisturizing lotion helps to bind moisture to your skin's surface, smoothing it and providing up to 24 hours of prime hydration. It is a full hydration backpack for your skincare routine. 

Its Urea, Titanium Dioxide, and Cetomacrogol formula works as a skin specialist on your skin and visibly improves and brightens the appearance of skin texture and tone. 

Along with cleansing and sun protection, a daily moisturiser is essential. Just add this product to your skincare routine and sit back to watch miracles happen on your face.


  • 24 hours of prime hydration
  •   Brightening skin
  •   Improve skin texture and lock moisture in the skin
  •   Softer and smoother skin


  • Urea
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Cetomacrogol

    How to Use

    Gently massage affected areas or as prescribed by the doctors


    How do you cure extremely dry skin?

    At least twice a day, gently wash your face. Then, moisturize your skin daily. Use a humidifier.

    How to hydrate the skin fast?

    Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Limit your showers to a maximum of 15 minutes, and use lukewarm water; drink enough water; limit coffee and alcohol, avoid smoking, Switch to a gentle cleanser and use Relumin Moisturizing Lotion.

    Should I use moisturizer every day?

    Use a moisturiser every day to keep your skin's moisture barrier intact and to protect it from environmental attackers.  use a moisturiser every day.

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