Bioblass Herbal Repair Shampoo



Secrets of nature in a bottle, made with herbal oil ingredients, all geared to hair repair and hair restoration. It gently cleanses & removes bumps on the scalp, stops hair fall, and strengthens roots. The rich, creamy formula deeply nourishes the scalp, reduces hair fall, helps in hair regrowth and soothes the itchy scalp with its natural oils.

Our shampoo has all the ingredients that promote hair growth and improve hair texture. As it revives old hair follicles and repairs hair cuticles, no matter what type of hair loss it is.

Recommended by top labs and clinically tested. Use it twice a week between shampoos for a soothed, healthy scalp and beautiful hair. It works on all hair types, even grey hair. 

Based on consumer test, 93% of the customers reported that BIOBLAS prevented hair loss.

It is dermatologically tested that the pH value is compatible with the scalp. The patented herbal complex B19 developed by Bioblas has been clinically tested to be effective against hair loss and nourish the hair.



  • Gives thick and long hair
  • Restores hair vitality
  • Decreases hair thinning
  • Reduces itching / itchy scalp
  •  Best for color-treated hair
  • Helps with split ends
  • Restores shine

Key Ingredients: 

  • Complex c26 (urtica urens leaf extract, hedera helix leaf extract, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, equisetum arvense leaf extract)
  • Zinc pyrithione
  • Olea europaea fruit oil
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • Helianthus annuus seed oil
  • Equisetum arvense extract
  • Vitamin b3 (niacinamide)

How to use:

  •  Apply to wet hair
  • Use a generous amount of shampoo and massage well into the scalp and hair for 3-5 minutes
  •  Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all shampoo residue. 


Does shampoo grow your hair?

Well, the answer is yes. Shampoo does work with hair growth, but do not expect a miracle at once. Shampoo can boost the hair volume and strengthen the hair to prevent hair breakage and hair loss. 

What causes hair damage? 

Hair damage takes place when any hard chemicals are used on hair. Hard chemical treatments or frequent straightening attack the protective outer layer of hair. To prevent that attack, you should use a repair shampoo like Bioblas Botanic Oils Herbal Repair Shampoo. 

Which lack of vitamins causes hair fall?

If anyone is facing iron deficiency, which is known as the world’s most common deficiency, it is the main cause of hair loss. 

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